Frozen concentrated orange juice prices moved lower to start the week, then closed the week by trading mostly sideways.
There is white sugar to be had as Thailand is still offering and as India is thought to have a lot to sell.
Futures closed higher in reversal type trading. Follow through buying today would make a reversal to higher prices more certain.

Cocoa futures closed lower on what appeared to be speculative long liquidation. The selling came as a top was forming on daily charts.

Futures were higher again yesterday on lower production forecasts from Brazil and as the hurricane season is

Orange juice futures were sharply lower on follow-through selling as temperatures hold above freezing in Florida production areas.

The Brazilian real maintained its measured decline by falling to Brl 2.8786 per U.S. dollar to start the week.

Reports indicate that there is plenty of sugar in the market for now, and a lot of sugar that still must be sold.
Cotton demand remains a problem for U.S. sellers as the biggest U.S. customer has not been doing much, although the overall sales pace for the new crop has been strong.