While most central banks are or close to dropping their dovish policy stances, the Swiss National Bank is likely to buck that trend f

Switzerland's central bank should adjust its policy to favor negative interest rates rather than currency interventions as it seeks to weaken the Swiss franc's appeal, the International Monetary Fund said on Monday.

Last week and this week mark an unusual confluence of central bank meetings.

Currency markets were off to a relatively quiet start on Monday, stabilizing after last week's wild swings, as investors geared up for Japanese and U.S. central bank policy meetings that could offer them fresh direction.

It’s been a quiet start to what promises to be an extremely active week for global trader

Sweden's central bank surprised markets on Wednesday by cutting interest rates further below zero and increasing its bond-buying stimulus progra

The Swiss franc weakened as Greece reached a deal.
The trading world is paying less attention to the SNB than when a bank usually influences monetary policy.
The dollar fell after a rising stretch after a concerning manufacturing report and whispers of Greek debt and EU turmoil.