Over the last couple decades, trading has gone from a select few traders in Chicago and New York to being accessible to nearly everyone. With accessibility comes advertising.
Since July 2014, the U.S. dollar has advanced more than 20% against other world currencies. To many, having a strong currency might sound like a good thing, and in many respects it is. The dollar’s relative strength is a reflection of the U.S. economy, which continues to improve since the financial crisis.
It seems as though 2015 has been the year of potential interest rate hikes.
The Federal Reserve has maintained its Fed Funds rate at 0% (the so-called Zero Interest Rate Policy or ZIRP) for fully six-and-a-half years in an effort to stimulate the economy and bring down the unemployment rate. The Fed Funds rate will be at the same level come this time tomorrow, despite encouraging signs of a “spring thaw” in economic activity.
The month of June is officially underway and with it comes the official start of summer (in the Northern Hemisphere – apologies to my Australian friends!).
With the movie "Trading Places" celebrating 30 years this year and the upcoming launch of our own video and movie player, Alpha TV, we looked back at our list of Top Trading Movies. We took a crack at this last year, but here are our revised and expanded choices.
We take a look at the top reported official gold holdings of individual countries (as of December 2014) based on information from the World Gold Council.
When considering best trading practices, it’s easy to discard the idea as too general and simplistic, or to default to the industry’s well-worn cliches. However, for both new and experienced traders, there are several rules that constitute a sound approach to trading.
Trading has attracted many celebrities, either on their way to fortune, or after retirement from their first career.
This week's question was, "Did crude oil hit a bottom at $43.58 on Jan. 29? What do you expect the range to be for the rest of the year?"