Safe haven

Gold and silver have held up well during the recent selloff in equities. From Dec.

Another crash in Chinese equities has hit risk sentiment across the board, leading to a big safe haven bid as we move through Thursday’s 

Russia’s central bank once again increased its gold holdings substantially in April.

The chief economist of the world’s third largest bank, HSBC’s Stephen King, has compared the global economy to the Titanic.

Bank of America advises owning gold while markets rest in a "twilight zone" transition period.
Political pressure led the Swiss National Bank to unpeg the franc from the euro, leading to short-term victories for gold, the greenback, and the U.S. dollar.
Gold and silver slipped slightly over the weekend as Greek fears began to ease.
Official gold purchases by Central Bank went up by 17% in 2014, particularly in Russia and Kazakhstan.
Gold slipped Monday, thanks to geopolitical tension.
Gold futures headed for a second straight loss. Blame Greece.