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The U.S. equities established equilibrium into lower supports this week.

Even as the U.S. equities remain very near their recent all-time highs, there seems to have been a significant shift in sentiment.

We asked traders, Does the strong job data for June mean the bad May numbers was an anomaly so the Fed can tighten as soon as July? Or is the Fed on hold indefinitely?
The FTSE advantage? Whattaya nuts? The Cassandra’s told us that in the wake of the UK Brexit decision to leave the European Union there were going to be major, indeed very major, problems for the United Kingdom.
After a much bigger gap lower on Friday morning, the S&P 500 bounced one time to fail in a significant technical area. What happens if it is retested may be a key to the near-term trend.
Weak offshore data and now weak Hourly Earnings restraining the Fed into improved U.S. indications is a Goldilocks "just right" environment for the S&P 500.