The intensifying trade tensions between the United States and China simply added to market jitters, consequently weighing heavily on emerging markets. While the prospect of higher U.S. interest rates is likely to stimulate fears of capital outflows from emerging markets, global trade concerns present a major risk.
Any optimism that the South African Rand (ZAR) would continue its attempt to strengthen against the USD, appears to have gone out the window—following the news that Jacob Zuma survived another no-confidence vote.
Comments on the global stock markets amidst political uncertainty.
As most forex traders know by now, the negotiations over Greece’s debt took a sharp turn for the worse over the weekend, culminating in the Greek government’s decision to call a public referendum on its creditors’ proposal on this coming Sunday.
It’s been a relatively quiet start to what could be a very interesting week in the forex market.
It’s been an interesting start to what promises to be a interesting week in the forex market. The biggest story of Monday’s trade thus far has been the continued strength of the dollar despite disappointing data in the world’s largest economy.
Markets are off to a bit of a slow start this week as uncertainty reigns surrounding Greece’s promised list of reforms.

A dollar headed for the highest close in more than a decade amid speculation the Federal Reserve is the only developed-nations’ centr

Arguably the most important economic storyline as we head in 2015 is the precipitous drop in oil prices.
As we roll into a new week, it still feels like the only topic of conversation is last week’s stellar Non-Farm Payroll report.