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Markets were relatively quiet overnight, with futures trading in a tight range. A huge Philly Fed number was met with little enthusiasm but a later virus scare caused a quick spike in futures.
Little new information out of China kept futures markets in check following an extended US weekend. Futures trended up overnight, then down into equity open and up again for the remainder of the session.
Futures traded in a relatively tight range for most of the day. Most futures had a trading range of 5 or fewer ticks. With little economic data and the second day of Powell’s testimony before the Senate banking panel...
Interest Rate option trades we are monitoring today. This structure caught our attention, as being an interesting value trade that was being executed.
Eurodollars traded a wide range prior to the pit open, then settled into a steady climb higher, a rare break from going the opposite direction of equities, which were higher today as well.
A back and forth session with futures ending mostly lower. Most traders are looking ahead to tomorrow’s NFP number with particular interest after Wednesday’s surprising ADP number. In fact, according to Arbor Data Science, “ADP has printed above 270K only 14 times since 2003.
Futures trended down all day, taking their cue from equities. It seems as if last weeks panic has subsided. Big ranges in futures, with many contracts seeing 12+ ticks.
Interest rate volatility pulled back from its recent highs. Robust ISM numbers didn’t seem to faze market participants much, as these were recorded prior to the recent virus outbreak and should look very different going forward.
Interest Rate Futures trended up all day. The first leg was due to a brutal miss by the Chicago PMI (42.9 vs expected 48.9), although this was later explained away due to Boeing hardships. Most of the bids were due to ongoing virus concerns
News and rumors trickled out about the Wuhan virus, hitting its peak as the first US person-to-person transmission was reported in the US. Futures moved steadily higher throughout the session, closing near the day’s highs.