O'Malia often was at odds with the recent Gary Gensler led commission, fighting for a stronger adherence to cost-benefit analysis rules.
Scott O’Malia, CFTC commissioner, said the agency must do a better job in protecting end users from overly burdensome rules.
Keynote Address by Commissioner Scott D. O’Malia, State of the Industry 2014 Conference, Commodity Markets Council
Australia, Canada, the E.U., Hong Kong, Japan and Switzerland are deemed comparable with respect to aspects of Dodd-Frank.
The CFTC chairman says the agency will push through its cross-border derivatives rules next month.
The Commodity Futures Trading Commission unanimously approved new customer protection rules yesterday in response to MF Global’s demise one year ago and the revelation of fraud PFGBest earlier this year.
A CFTC commissioner says the agency is overreaching in its Dodd-Frank Act rulemaking, undermining efforts to provide certainty to the swaps market.