U.S. markets closed lower on Friday and lower for the week in response to the USDA planted area estimates.
U.S. markets closed a little lower on Friday as the freeze even for the central parts of the country began to fade.
Rice closed a little lower in consolidation trading.
Wheat was lower as more problems surfaced with Egyptian Wheat deliveries and as demand overall remains bad. The market overall remains slow, with sellers still looking hard for buyers. India is likely to become a buyer soon as it looks like the uneven monsoon first year could have damaged production.
Rice futures were lower on Friday and sharply lower for the week.

A. 9/14 AC – Saturn 45 U.S. Saturn. Moderate change in trend for U.S. stocks, T-notes and the U.S. dollar.

Soybean sutures recovered from lower levels to close the week little changed.

Futures were lower as the U.S.

Daily grains market update for Monday, March 2, 2015.
Hogs were lower on more talk of increasing supplies.