Nat gas

Iran says it has no plans to freeze oil exports, causing weakness in the price of oil at the start of the week.

Ali al-Naimi, the Saudi oil minister, was fired, adding uncertainty and more risk to oil prices.

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Don’t look desperate. Oil futures fell on Friday after one Crown Prince in Saudi Arabia suggested they would not cut production unless Iran does.

After a weak start to the week, China’s central bank cut its reserve requirement ratio for all banks by 0.5 percentage point, effective Tuesday.
A big meeting between Saudi Arabia, Russia, Venezuela and Qatar is leading to the big freeze!
The possibility of some type of OPEC summit is back in play.
The rift between Saudi Arabia and Iran has quickly ballooned into the worst conflict in decades between the two countries.
Oil traders have one of their largest December short positions in history as Iran vows to pump more oil into an oversupplied market.