Middle east

U.S. crude oil production is falling while Iranian production is rising as we grow more dependent on Middle Eastern oil each passing day. The Energy Information Administration reported that U.S. oil production fell 200,000 barrels a day down to only 8.428 million barrels a day.

When a leading Swiss bank recommended its clients sell all their gold, AgaNola Asset Manager Florian Siegfried knew the precious metal was preparing for an upswing.

Oil prices rose from near-2015 lows on Thursday after a report sourced to a senior OPEC delegate said Saudi Arabia would next year propose a deal to balance oil markets with non-OPEC help.
Oil prices rebounded on reports of a drop in supply and also gained support as Paris police battled overnight to try and capture those responsible for the murders in the recent terrorist attack.
A month-long oil rally got fuel from a fall in U.S. crude stocks and middle eastern conflict, breathing some much-needed life into the commodity.

Today’s AM LBMA Gold Price was $1,204.80, €1,095.45 and £783.99 per ounce.
Yesterday’s AM LBMA Gold Price was $1,201.40, €1,100.56 and £788.17 per ounce.

Rival forces continued fighting in Yemen, despite the Saudi bombing halt.
BP has been lifting more crude oil cargoes in the past couple of months as payment for its work in southern Iraq, and is comfortable with that level of shipments, a senior executive of the oil company said on Monday.
A number of elements factored into the marketplace this past week with Greece, China and the U.S. Federal Reserve all playing a significant roll in investor psychology.
Oil exports losses bring large cuts in crude growth.