Wall Street stocks ended little changed today as investors kept to the sidelines ahead of tomorrow's U.S. payrolls report for July.
The Obama administration was delivered a massive blow in its effort to regulate the financial industry. A judge struck down the “Too Big to Fail” designation of MetLife Corp. (MET) as a company that is "systemically important" to the U.S. economy. Shares of MET stock jumped more than 5%, as the designation would have brought the company under the regulatory eye of the Federal Reserve and would have changed its capital requirements to far more conservative levels.

A judge's ruling that MetLife Inc is not "too big to fail" opens up an opportunity for insurer American International Group Inc to seek an exemption from the tag, AIG Chief Executive Peter Hancock

MetLife Inc., the largest U.S. life insurer, sued Morgan Stanley in New York state court for fraud over $757 million in residential mortgage-backed securities purchased in 2006 and 2007.