Gold, the one asset that has been used for hundred’s of years as a means of currency and wealth accumulation, is used today primarily as a hedge. Since peaking in the late 1980s, gold prices steadily
With Iran refusing to abandon its nuclear aspirations, North Korea test firing intercontinental ballistic missiles, and Israel bombing the Beirut Airport while militants fired missiles into northern
There are several bullish factors coming into play at the same time that should continue fueling the bull market in precious metals. Greater demand for the physical metals by expanding economies, an
Spot gold closed at $850 per ounce in January 1980, and shortly thereafter the market entered a steady decline that lasted nearly two full decades, finally bottoming at $252.80 on July 20, 1999.
In recent years gold has changed from a range-bound, listless market to one of the hottest in the commodity sector. Traditionally, markets such as palladium, the Japanese yen and coffee are
Take a growing world economy, supply-side problems and under priced commodities, put them together and you end up with metals, precious and base, hitting their highest prices in years. Silver, which
Traders trade price and keep score by the bottom line. Account equity is their measure of success. Still, there is much more to be learned from the equity curve. As the well known trader Larry
You often hear or read about the term “rotation” when different market sectors take turns exhibiting relative strength. In a bullish situation, this tends to occur when one major group runs up to a
In mid 2006 there was a puzzling tailspin in a slew of disparate financial markets. Various pundits ascribe the drops to inconsistent communication from the Federal Reserve, economic confusion and/or
After years of languishing under $400 per ounce, gold made an impressive run in the second half of 2004 taking out the $400 mark and not looking back. Gold, basis the February 2006 contract, spent a