Friday was another good day for the market except for one important market leader.
Our Monday's intraday trading outlook was bearish.
Led by Wall Street, global equity markets continued to enjoy one of their best starts in eight years.
Markets mostly steamrolled through last week’s potential obstacles.
There isn’t much drama for the Fed, they are expected to raise rates, yawn. But the fireworks are in this election because if Moore loses, it narrows the GOP slim edge.
A combination of fear and simple profit-taking have put pressure on equity markets around the globe.
Through all these months, even as the VIX continued to hit generational lows, euphoria is the one ingredient which has been missing.
The swing in market psychology is going to put a few traders on the couch.
To tax cut or not to tax cut, that is the question. No, the real question is whether David Stockman is a prophet after all.
Serious violations to the all the cycle work as markets ended at or close to high last Friday.