Market analysis

As world banks signal their readiness to support their domestic economies, now is the time for traders to take advantage of market strength, or risk missing out on the upside.
Over the last quarter-century, the opening range breakout has been one of the most powerful and successful trading tools employed by active traders. 24-hour electronic markets have all but eliminated the opening range breakout trading, a new outlook on an old indicator may give this favorite new life.
With the outlook for economic recovery somewhat hazy, experts differ on which markets will be profitable in 2010, but many agree that traders shouldn’t get too attached to any one market. Here’s how to prepare for an unpredictable year.
I find the opening gap plays to be the best way to start the trading day. While they are among the simplest technical conditions, price gaps generate a lot of questions among traders. Why do gaps happen? How can we foresee gaps? Do gaps always get filled?