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Traders were glued to Twitter waiting for any news release from Donald Trump. Twitter has become a more reliable source of breaking news.
Futures Magazine prepares traders for the week ahead in the markets with a list of events to watch.
Futures magazine relaunches with a more institutional futures and commodity feel. Expect more financial market analysis, research and trade ideas along with entertaining lifestyle commentary.
Volatility trading is the term used to describe trading the velocity of movement in price of an underlying instrument rather than the direction of price. For example, you could trade the value of an equity index, but volatility trading typically means trading the expected velocity of movement.
European equity markets are expected to open higher on Friday, paring Thursday’s losses and rebounding once again off the range lows they have traded within for most of this month.

As I return to the desk after a much-needed vacation, I’m struck by the big risk-on move markets have seen over the last couple of weeks: US equities are up nearly 10 percent from the mid-Febr

30-year Treasury bond (USM, TLT): Recovering the 162-20 buy signal Mond

Yesterday the US stock market posted massive gains with indexes closing up 2-3%. We don’t see that very often.

Gold prices: 19 Feb: USD 1,221.50, EUR 1,101.14 and GBP 853.35 per ounce

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