The Federal Reserve is poised to take a preliminary step toward limiting banks’ activities with commodities.
Iceland is tempering lifting capital controls as the new government says it will keep some restrictions on currency speculation.
The top U.K. markets regulator criticized a European Union cap on banker bonuses as the bloc’s banking watchdog prepares to expand the limits.
A CFTC commissioner says the agency should appeal a federal judge’s decision blocking Dodd-Frank Act limits on speculation in oil, natural gas and other commodities.
CFTC approvaes expansion of CBOT's daily corn limits
Assets benchmarked to the Dow Jones UBS Commodity Index grew by 24% in the 1Q
Two trade associations have sued the CFTC over rules that limit the positions that traders can have in certain commodities.
The Futures Industry Association filed a comment letter today citing its opposition to the CFTC's proposed position limits for the energy complex.