Even if you do everything right in your first few trades and make money, you still have to pay the bills. Just like every business, trading has costs. Here are some to be aware of before you make your first trade.
Global regulators diluted a planned debt limit for banks amid warnings that the measure would penalize low-risk financial activities.
Prospects for fatter dividend payouts from Switzerland’s biggest banks are receding as Swiss authorities ratchet up capital demands.
The price of gold gained $10 per ounce in London trade Thursday morning, gaining 2.2% for the week so far to trade at $1,346 as several analysts said they were "turning bullish."
The Fed seems to be stuck because of housing market weakness and its associated mortgage backed securities. The repo market appears to be where the stress is most threatening, though hidden from view.
The biggest U.S. banks may continue hoarding profits as they face stricter capital rules than foreign competitors.
Continental Europe’s biggest bank will reduce its balance sheet as regulators implement stricter rules on the relation of equity to total assets.
The most-indebted U.S. companies are rallying more than any time in almost four years compared with the rest of the stock market amid the broadest rally since at least 1995.
Secured Precious Metals allegedly allowed clients to trade metals with as little as 20% down, bucking rules put in place with Dodd-Frank.
The CFTC completed final rules related to its regulatory obligation over retail forex, tightening the amount of leverage available to traders but not by nearly as much as previously proposed.