A busy week for economic data will start tonight when Statistics New Zealand releases the nation’s third-quarter inflation figures.
The New Zealand dollar has so far been able to hold its own relatively well against the dollar despite the latter breaking to new multi-year highs against the likes of the euro and Swiss franc, and multi-month highs versus the yen. But the bullish days for the NZD/USD currency pair could be numbered.

With the focus being almost entirely on the issue of Brexit and the pound this week – perhaps rightly so – traders should not lose sight of many other tradable opportunities that will present thems

Anxiety over the future path of U.S. interest rates pushed European stocks lower on Thursday, while the resignation of Japan's economy minister filtered through currency markets.

According to the Chinese Zodiac, 2016 is “The Year of the Monkey” but based on trade so far today, it looks more like the Year of the Bear.

After a broad-based dip at the start of the U.S. session, the greenback has come storming back over the last few hours. Naturally, this has caused the earlier bounce in EUR/USD to fade, though USD/JPY hasn’t seen much a corresponding rally.
The pendulum of market sentiment swings from one extreme to another, and over the past several weeks, traders’ outlook on Fed policy has swung violently back toward the doves.
The central-bank-induced, white-knuckle thrill ride reached its climax over the last 16 hours.
The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell eight points in its opening hour as uncertainty over the Federal Reserve’s key meeting next week is weighing on trader sentiment.