An order by President Donald Trump that could scale back enforcement of some Obamacare provisions is unlikely to sink health insurance stocks, but shares of hospitals and Medicaid providers could be under pressure over fears more poor people would lose coverage, analysts said.
Early optimism among business lobbyists and executives that Donald Trump's election heralded better days has slowly given way to uncertainty as the president-elect fires off mixed and sometimes confusing messages on healthcare, taxes and trade.
The European Union and the United States agreed on Friday to reduce legal and capital barriers to boost the $3 billion transatlantic insurance and reinsurance market.
The future is uncertain and gold is the most effective insurance against that.
When you turn 50, you may think you have it all figured out. But the truth is, there are several money truths left to learn. Legal expert and attorney Ann Margaret Carrozza lists 10 money secrets you should know after you turn 50.
Glenn said earlier this year that he expected an initial $30 million allocation to cover all costs. But with the total now approaching double that, the matter hasn’t moved past discovery yet.
It’s ironic that I’m writing this on the day the insurance study commissioned by the industry after the MF Global and PFG blow ups was released. Ironic because if implemented in some form, it would mean more costs and more rules for futures commission merchants (FCMs) and probably their customers.
December Editor's Note from Ginger Szala.
MF Global and PFG brought about a new study for customer insurance. The study, released today, sees private CAPI as better possibility.
Opining that Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke has put a stake in the heart of the dollar, Bob Moriarty of 321gold advises people to invest in something real or be prepared to see their investments go to money heaven.