Although the stock market is showing little movement, technical details suggest we could be poised for something more.
While the short-term trend remains positive, continuing low volume and reaction from oversold readings suggests a near-term top.
Political bickering and the resulting roller coaster price action is keeping the public’s money on the sidelines. What happens when the rumor mongering stops?
Weekly Review: The stock market's recent recovery has been rapid, putting short-term gains in jeopardy. Here's where we stand -- and where we're headed.
While the short-term trend is positive, continuing low volume and oversold stats could indicate a near-term top.
While the short-term trend has reversed to positive, continuing low volume could presage near-term high.
Market volume was higher by 11% relative to Monday’s levels, but overall trading activity remains below normal.
Major indexes closed mixed Monday, with bluer chips down marginally and more speculative issues up a bit.
The markets suggest that the fiscal cliff problem will soon be solved -- but are they delivering the message prematurely?
Major stock indexes posted strong gains on the holiday week, but the strength was accompanied by low volume during a truncated trading schedule.