U.S benchmarks are holding ground at unchanged after an exuberant three-day run to a strong wave of resistance; this is just about all the bulls can ask for at the onset of U.S trading hours.
U.S benchmarks are off to a strong start this week. One is welcome to credit this action to hopes on U.S and China trade negotiations, however, the move began after pinging major three-star support on Thursday and the reversal is much broader.
Futures Magazine prepares traders for the week ahead in the markets with a list of events to watch.
Trader technique using volatility and CBOE VIX futures to pinpoint trade execution in long butterfly S&P 500 options spread.
U.S benchmarks are sharply higher this morning and make no mistake, strong economic data yesterday offset budding fatigue that could have easily taken the S&P through strong support.
True volatility is increasing daily; after a sharper reversal yesterday of Tuesday’s reversal, the S&P finished down 3.1% and its Average Daily Range is above 50 for the first time since January.
President Trump announced he will delay additional tariffs on China until December and the risk-appetite responded. U.S benchmarks rallied sharply with the S&P gaining 1.8%.
U.S benchmarks are pointing lower with a number of factors weighing on sentiment.
U.S benchmarks are pointing lower to start the week with a number of factors weighing on sentiment.
After taking a two-day breather from the headlines, the trade war is again heating up. Given the depth of yesterday’s rally though, this is so far a minor pullback.