The stock market has rallied in undeniable fashion to kick off 2013, but it may be a pace that can't be maintained for long.
Thursday's mixed market leaves us hanging on the question of whether this week's short-term gains have staying power.
Was the New Year rally a short-term flourish with no staying power, or was it the beginning of something larger?
Major stock indexes posted strong gains to close out 2012. As 2013 gets underway, the market will look to break above the 10-day price channel.
For one politician, the opportunity of a lifetime awaits. If, when and how a compromise happens could set the tone for the stock market as 2013 gets underway.
Despite a healthy rally from mid-November lows, current indicators suggest the stock market remains as uncommitted as it was in early fall.
Continued uncertainty in the stock market threatens the minor positive cycle.
While the short-term stock market rally that begun on Nov. 16 remains positive, it has also become increasingly vulnerable.
Small losses in truncated and light pre-holiday trading were recorded Monday in major stock indexes.
With the deal makers home for the holidays, the stage is set for significant collapse in early 2013 if the economy drives off the fiscal cliff.