U.S. chief executives, already wrestling with a steady flow of activist investors in their board rooms, face a newly challenging landscape now that the loudest voice of the bunch will have the ear of the next president and his securities' rule makers.

"I got into trading about two, maybe three years ago, and it seemed to really capture my interest so I figured, what's the best way for me to be able to do this and make money?"

A judge's ruling that MetLife Inc is not "too big to fail" opens up an opportunity for insurer American International Group Inc to seek an exemption from the tag, AIG Chief Executive Peter Hancock

Activist investor Carl Icahn said he may propose adding a new director to American International Group's board, saying Peter Hancock, AIG's chief executive, was unlikely to "sincerely consider" his suggestion to split the company into three.
Alternative Thinking on All-You-Can-Eat Bread Sticks, Congressional Pitchforks, the Global Oil Rout, Cargill’s Hedge Fund Exit, and Carl Icahn’s American Apocalypse…
Never has techland felt the influence of activist investor so acutely, with a Who’s Who of hedge-fund luminaries transforming the investing landscape.
The world’s biggest company isn’t big enough for Carl Icahn.
Billionaire Carl Icahn gave up his fight to control Dell Inc., saying he continues to oppose founder Michael Dell’s $24.9 billion plan to take the company private because it undervalues the computer maker.
In 2009, investor Jeffrey Bronchick told directors of Chesapeake Energy Corp. that he was disgusted with their leadership.
Billionaire investor Carl Icahn has offered $10.2 billion to buy Clorox but also invited them to solicit rival bids