The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) today announces that Deutsche Bank, UBS and HSBC, will collectively pay over $47 million in civil settlement for engaging in spoofing in the precious

Over the last couple decades, trading has gone from a select few traders in Chicago and New York to being accessible to nearly everyone. With accessibility comes advertising.
Britain's biggest banks face another 19 billion pounds ($29 billion) of charges relating to past misconduct over the next two years, ratings agency Standard & Poor's (S&P) said in a report on Monday.
Deutsche Bank's expected move to sell much of its retail banking business will see it join a growing list of banks choosing to shrink and simplify to survive.
After a sluggish period, global business activity picked up in February as central banks begin to drive up inflation.
After allegations of helping clients evade taxes, HSBC toned down 150th anniversary celebrations.
Barclays has been providing information to a DoJ investigation on precious metals.
Where is the fine line between immoral and illegal?
Standard & Poor's cut credit ratings for six European banks.

The latest research report by HSBC from Jan.