November Editor's Note from Ginger Szala.
Pete Nessler, CEO of FCStone Group, was raised in Chicago but earned his stripes in the grain fields of Iowa. Working with elevators and farmers, he helped turn Farmers Commodities Corp. from a group of co-ops into the international brokerage firm INTLFCStone that it is today.
Lightning-fast market plunges like the 2010 “flash crash” don’t hurt long-term investors and taxing algorithmic trading will drive the business from Europe, said the founder of RSJ AS.
October Editor's Note from Ginger Szala.
Dan Dicker, energy trader, oil analyst, television and web commentator, author and general provocateur doesn’t mince words, especially about the new players brought in through electronic trading of the markets.
Traditional risk controls, the CFTC observes, were designed for human judgment and human speed, and they must be reevaluated in light of the “electronic trading platforms that can execute repetitive tasks at speeds orders of magnitude greater than any human equivalent.
The CFTC today released a concept release relating to risk controls and system safeguard for automated trading. Among the issues addressed are pre-trade risk controls, post trade reports and system safeguards to promote safe and orderly markets.
Certainly the general sense that robots are getting out of hand, and they aren’t all acting in accord with Asimov’s rules, will have been heightened by the foul-up at Nasdaq last week.
Study examined impact of structural changes over time and found limited impact on intraday price volatility
Naked shorting of silver is not really the issue, as silver analyst, Ted Butler has been pointing out for decades, it is more about the extreme concentration of short silver positions and less about the big players being caught red-handed sending blatant signals of market price fixing collusion.