Barclays Plc was so bent on lifting its private trading venue to the upper ranks of Wall Street dark pools that it lied to customers and masked the role of high-frequency traders,
Rarely do you hear traders praise a regulator, particularly the SEC, buy Mary Jo White has been the adult in the room in addressing market structure issues and high frequency trading.
The SEC basically thinks high-frequency trading is fine, but it knows you don't think that, and it wants to be tactful. It could just explain that markets aren't rigged, but "markets are rigged" is sort of unfalsifiable.
FIA PTG welcomes Chair White and the Securities and Exchange Commission’s plans to address perceptions and issues concerning market structure and automated trading.
SEC Chair Mary Jo White speaking at the Sandler O’Neill & Partners, L.P. Global Exchange and Brokerage Conference in New York, N.Y.
The story of modern financial trading architecture has been an arms race to the fastest possible execution and recently Australian company Metamako has released a new configurable layer 1 Switch with a latency of 4 nanoseconds.
The financial news is full of stories about high-frequency trading these days. The concept has evolved, but there’s one common thread: these are trading systems, plain and simple.
Exchange sector review for week ending May 16.
European Securities and Markets Authority may force EU traders to keep written records of face-to-face meeting with clients and to tape their phone calls.
Futures' editor-in-chief talks about covering topics that are relavent for today's modern trader.