Hedge funds

The primary use case for PreData is monitoring global geopolitical risks. Very useful alternative data for Global Macro traders and hedge funds and risk managers.
Livermore witnessed a sharp rise in gold (GLD) and gold miners and makes up 20% percent of the total portfolio. The Tesla (TSLA) short position remained the most significant short position in the hedge fund.
Sneak peek at June hedge fund and managed futures returns from Kettera Hydra Platform Investor Letter.
Commitment of Traders gives a snapshot view of how Leveraged Funds and Managed Money are positioned in US Futures and commodity markets. These are typically hedge funds, CTAs, CPOs and various types of money managers. 
CTA Trend Following model shows Cocoa futures were stopped out and JPY/USD flipping between long and neutral in different models.
Futures Magazine receives many reader questions on the state of the hedge fund market. We selected a few hedge fund questions.
M Science, is a pioneer and leader in providing alternative data solutions to supplement core data in investment research for buy-side investment firms and hedge funds.
Quantitative hedge funds are significant users of alternative data, which is a main driver of its massive growth. We talk to one here.
Investing in private partnership structures such as hedge funds, private equity and private real estate can be a fruitful and exciting endeavor, especially when venturing into asset classes that lack competition and efficiency. An important qualification to remember when beginning due diligence on a partnership is that no investment is perfect. Each one has its own risks, however esoteric or idiosyncratic, and risks change over time, as do the operations and other intricacies of investment management.

One of the early lessons I learned regarding managed money is that once a trend is broadly recognized in the investing community, it may be time to look for an exit as you will often be late to the