Hedge funds

After shunning gold and wheat for most of last year, hedge fund managers are piling back in amid the escalating crisis in Ukraine.
Hedge funds boosted bullish commodity bets to the highest since 2012 as extreme weather threatened global crops.
Pressured by the market, many high-quality mining stocks can be had for cheap. Here's how to identify the prime opportunities.
Hedge funds reduced bullish bets on gasoline by the most since June as stockpiles surged to an 11-month high before a cold blast that probably will curb demand in the U.S. Midwest and Northeast.
John Taylor, the founder of what was once the world’s biggest currency hedge fund, said he plans re-enter the foreign-exchange asset-management business again one day in the wake of the bankruptcy of FX Concepts LLC.
Investment funds that manage more than $100 billion in assets may be labeled too big to fail, global regulators said, as they seek to expand financial safeguards beyond banks and insurers.
Hedge funds remained in positive territory throughout the year, suffering a setback in June and August of 2013 as uncertainty loomed in the underlying markets following the Fed's 'taper scare'
When BlueCrest founder Michael Platt expanded into stocks this year to compete for traders, he tapped an unusual funding source: his banks.
Hennessee Group LLC announced today that the Hennessee Hedge Fund Index increased +1.19% in November (+11.18% YTD), while the S&P 500 gained +2.80% (+26.62% YTD).
Hedge funds got less bullish on gold, cutting their net-long position to a four-month low, before prices capped the biggest weekly retreat since September.