The USDA shook up the corn market as the quarterly stocks report for the second quarter 2001 showed more corn in storage than even the bears expected
Corn currently is trading about $3.00 per bushel above where it was this time last summer
If regulators sign off on Deutsche Börse’s takeover of NYSE.Euronext, Europe will have a megalithic futures exchange to rival the CME Group. The European Commission, however, isn’t likely to let that happen without extracting certain conditions
Between regulatory changes and market mergers, the trader’s world is changing quickly
Wheat prices began a steady climb when Russia banned wheat exports in August 2010 because of a poor harvest
Wheat prices were through the roof in August, but will that trend continue?
Following the big money in the agricultural markets through the Commitment of Traders report (COT) can lead to big profits, but takes inside-the-numbers smarts.
The market doesn’t always move nicely in one direction or the other. These periods are ripe for counter-trend strategies
There are fundamental reasons markets follow patterns over the course of a season. However, taking advantage of those patterns is not the sure thing history may suggest.
Selling option premiums is easy to understand but difficult to master. As a strategy, it is alluring and can be extremely profitable, but new traders often make these common errors.