geopolitical risk

The primary use case for PreData is monitoring global geopolitical risks. Very useful alternative data for Global Macro traders and hedge funds and risk managers.

Oil prices rallied yesterday on the changing perceptions of

Plunging oil prices are giving a bump to consumer and business spending around the world -- just not enough to incr

The southern oil regions of Iraq are still pumping and exporting oil but the threat by ISIS and the Levant (ISIL), which are the successor organizations to al- Qaeda in Iraq are driving the risk premium in oil. ISIS threatened to continue their assault on Baghdad.
A deal to reopen Libyan oil ports has yet to produce any exports and some are still skeptical that all is well in Libya.
Any reduction in the geopolitical risk premium allows the market to focus on ample supply and questionable demand. Reports that Libyan rebels claim that a deal to reopen Libyan oil ports added to the bearish sentiment.
Talks with Russia that seemed to go nowhere increase the odds that there will be more sanctions directed at Russia. Russian Troops are still on the Ukraine border.