On your way to work today, you may have bought something online on your phone, transferred money via PayPal (Venmo in the U.S), tapped your phone when buying a coffee and maybe even used a contactl

Crypto is higher this morning. Volumes are generally up from the last week of August but remain below the 30-day average.
Crypto is on balance lower this morning. Volumes are declining with 24-hour activity in the range of 60% of what it was this time yesterday.
Crypto is higher this morning with bitcoin back to the top end of last week's band. Volumes are up on the move and have finally returned to about the 30-day average.
Crypto markets are mixed this morning with Bitcoin remaining in the range of multi-week lows. Volumes have again pulled back ahead of the North American long weekend.
Yesterday, Bitcoin Fell $600 In 30-Minutes, Coins In The Top 10 Are Generally Down In The Range Of -10% Over The Last 24-Hours - We See The Move Lower As The Product Of Pre-Existing Downside Risk And Thin Markets
Crypto is lower with every coin in the Top 20 red. In spite of the correlated move, volumes remain light and in the range of 50% of the 30-day average on most major exchanges.
Crypto is mostly higher today. Volumes in the space were abysmal over the weekend with Bitfinex at times trading ~35% of the 30-day average.
Crypto was higher in the past 24-hours. While volumes remain modest, BTC/USD is playing with some important technical levels.
Crypto is selling off today with BTC trading around the psychologically important USD 10,000 level. In spite of the velocity of the move, volumes have remained below recent averages.