Just as quickly  we highlighted the health of the current crypto rally, the market aggressively dropped before a recovery yesterday.
Crypto service providers make prime brokerage move to attract institutional business.
Libra and any talk of cryptocurrency was conspicuously absent from Facebook's shareholder meeting.
According to several media sources, Goldman Sachs held a conference call this week where they suggested that bitcoin and cryptocurrency aren’t viable investment alternatives for their clients.
ETH gas usage per day reached a new all-time high in the past week, prompting network proponents to suggest the metric as evidence Of ETH’s increased adoption.
Global bank holidays are periodic reminders that traditional banking and crypto continue to have strong links.
There have been several exchanges experiencing similar issues in the volatility of H1 2020. The narrative of these issues is overly negative and doesn’t reflect some of the complexities of running a true 24/7 exchange infrastructure.
BTC's 3rd block mining reward halving event took place today. Many halving-related price predictions relied on data with overly small sample size.
Ripple co-founder Jed McCaleb relentless selling of XRP tokens appears to have picked up in the last 2 months. We provide context to his activity and the strange selling dynamics of XRP founders generally.
Funding rates on perpetual swaps are largely negative. This has more often been a sign of health in a market rally.