Gains among a slew of DeFi tokens have drawn comparisons to the 2017 ICO craze.
Ledger private wallet service recently announced they had suffered a data breach. We believe the episode highlights misconceptions of different wallet types/custody solutions.
Yesterday's broad-based crypto rally was the first significant injection of volatility since March. While there has been margin and leverage demand, we’re far from levels we would consider, “speculative frenzy.”
DeFi continues to draw attention from crypto traders and mainstream media. We continue to view the biggest issues as inflated token valuations and a lack of understanding among participants of their risks.
Last week’s Twitter hack sparked discussions surrounding crypto mixers, software or organizations that hide past transactions of a coin, thus introducing greater privacy to transacting on the network.
FINRA has approved crypto-trust company Grayscale Investments to list its BCHG and LTCG products on the U.S. OTC market. The announcement is an incremental development for Crypto infrastructure but the products aren’t without their faults.
In spite of the low volatility and flat performance, bullish fundamental arguments continue to stack up for cryptocurrency. The crypto ecosystem continues to develop and mature.
Binance appears to have become the first of several dozen high profile twitter accounts to become compromised and tweet one of several scams attempting to deceive users to send BTC to a provided wallet.
A Coinbase IPO could be an eye opener for investors unfamiliar with strength of some crypto businesses.
Dogecoin (DOGE), an obscure cryptocurrency with a unique culture and community, has seen a rally of about 85% since the beginning of July. It is now the 26th largest crypto by market cap.