Crypto merger action. It Was Reported That Binance Had Purchased The Well Known But Often Criticized Coinmarketcap Website For USD 400M Equivalent - We Have Some Concerns Around Motivations Behind The Purchase
With Crypto Markets In A Rare Quiet-Moment, We Are Taking The Opportunity To Address The Bakkt Series B Fundraising Round Which Was Announced Two Weeks Ago.
The crypto sector is marginally lower this morning. With other global risk assets marginally higher, crypto continues trading mostly uncorrelated.
Global risk assets are mixed and BTC is outperforming. The rest of the Top 10 is also performing well with most up at least +10%.
Bitcoin (BTC) correlations with physical gold are relatively insignificant. On Monday, US equity futures were down over 3% on what has widely been described as a reaction to coronavirus spreading within southern Europe. Most of the Top 10 cryptos were down over 5%
Crypto continues to push higher though BTC is lagging the rest of the Top 10.
Yesterday, Roger Ver's Announced They Had Pulled Their Mining Pool's Support Of The Upcoming Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Block Reward Development Fund Proposal.
The World Economic Forum Took Place Last Week And One Of The Main Talking Points Of The Entire Event Was Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) - Most Of The World's Major Central Banks Are Investigating Or Undergoing Plans To Launch Their Own CBDC.
Crypto is lower this morning, with most in the Top 10 down at least -3%. Spot volumes have remained in line with what we've seen over the last 3-days.
Binance Has Changed The Metrics That Informs Their Decision On Their Quarterly Binance Coin (BNB) Burn - The Announcement Was Made In A Questionably Covert Manner And Reduces Transparency