Eurodollar futures traded in a tight range of about 4-5 ticks as there was little news to move the market. The focus stayed on impeachment hearings, but futures caught a slight bid late as traders digested FOMC minutes, closing near the top end of the range.
Futures traded in a relatively tight range overnight and found their session lows before the pit opening. With little economic news to digest, the market focused on a report that China is not optimistic about trade deal.
Quiet overnight session leads to a muted day trading session as futures bounced within a narrow range, mostly between 3 and 4 ticks.
Interest Rate futures moved steadily higher throughout the session, closing just off their session highs. Rate futures implied volatility was up today, it’s just moving off its recent lows.
Trades we are monitoring today. If you’re also looking at the Silver and Gold Options volatility this might be a trade that’s worth a look.
Futures put in their lows early in the session. Once the equities opened, futures marched steadily higher, reaching the top of their session range by midday, closing just off those levels.
Relatively tame overnight, except for an early morning leg down on China meeting news. This moved picked up steam as rumors of a tariff rollback circulated. Futures continued lower all day, finishing just off their session lows
Futures in a relatively tight range and options volume perked up overnight. The day session saw option volume really pick up as futures and volatility moved lower throughout the day.
Quiet overnight leads to a tame day session. Markets showed little interest in economic numbers and instead took their cue from equities, which advanced on more trade wars talk. Futures finished near their session lows.
SOFR futures volume and open interest increase aided by new participants and continued usage in repo market applications.