Futures moved higher before the pit open on as the ECB cut its main rate and Draghi outlined their QE plan.
A lackluster session with minimal overnight activity. Strong PPI numbers did little to move the market as futures made their ranges within a couple of hours of the equity open.
Futures continued their move lower, following equity strength on the back of China-related trade news. A lack of economic numbers and the Fed blackout period led to a lackluster trading session.
Trades we are monitoring today. This is a good structure to checkout for a way to short volatility at these levels, the trade closed around -25.51 on Friday.
Futures trended down overnight before finding a bid after the NFP number, moving from lower on the day to slightly higher. The market traded in a tight range for the remainder of the day as the response to Powell was minimal.
Futures hit their lows early in the overnight session on trade war news and traded sideways until a strong ADP number moved them lower.
Without many catalysts, Eurodollar futures crept higher throughout the day’s session. EDU0 and back month futures continue to make contract highs.
A quiet overnight session was disrupted buy a weak ISM number, which moved futures swiftly higher. Specifically, the employment component was the weakest reading since 2016.
Trades we are monitoring today. This is a good structure to check currently as it’s trading very cheap (5-Year lows), and potentially covers a lot of potential risks to trades.
Futures opened lower and barely noticed a bevy of economic data that was realized shortly after the open. Action again focused on upside call structures.