Federal Reserve

A record rise in Covid-19 cases domestically and underlying U.S.-China tensions certainly weighed on the risk-appetite. 
U.S. benchmarks were roiled yesterday as Covid-19 cases surged by roughly 35,000, the most since April.
Attention turns this week to the June FOMC meeting and speculation grows about more possible Fed action.
Kevin Warsh, a former member of the Federal Reserve Board, is floating the idea of the Federal Reserve coordinating a global interest rate cut to combat the unknown tail risk of coronavirus. 
In January 2015 at a Managed Funds Association conference I presented findings on the apparent relationship between commodity trading advisor (CTA) drawdowns and the Federal Reserve balance sheet, specifically the outright held securities part of it). The theme of the panel, and a subsequent research paper was: “Managed Futures and CTAs — Where are We and What's Next?”

As we noted in the recap to yesterday’s FOMC minutes (see 

Singapore Exchange (SGX) reported 2018 EPS of 8.2c (0% y/y), on revenues of S$205 million (+3% y/y) and expenses of S$102 million (+5% y/y).
It’s been a relatively calm start to trading on Monday but that isn’t likely to last long with the rest of the week packed full of major economic and political events that should ensure markets remain quite volatile.
After hearing the historic and unprecedented November 8 election results, we decided it was time to reach out to our family of experts to ask for their opinion on what this Trump win means for stocks and other markets you trade and follow.

To say that it is time for the Federal Reserve’s Open Markets Committee (FOMC) to raise interest rates later today would be almost meaningless at this point.