Federal Reserve

U.S. benchmarks are paring the week’s gains after a heated debate between President Trump and former Vice President Biden; we didn't expect anything less.
it’s just a level on the chart that turns a market around. That level may turn out to be $1,850 in the December Gold futures contract.
U.S. benchmarks are again on their backfoot. All major sectors finished in the green yesterday except for healthcare.
If you’ve lived in a bunker since April, then you may have missed the memo; the USD has been the sacrificial lamb for not only buoying the economy, but the stock market.
Analysts expect Powell to announce the committee’s policy shift to Average Inflation Targeting. We discussed the concept earlier this week. It is as it sounds; inflation has run below the Fed’s 2% target for an extended period.
The S&P has finally taken out the February highs, and news of fast-tracking a Covid-19 vaccine before the November elections is giving stocks an additional boost.
The Nasdaq-100 index closed at a fresh record yesterday, and the S&P 500 battled to settle positive, 1% off its overnight low. This sounds like a healthy session, but not for anything other than tech behemoths.
In recent weeks, there have been mixed messages from China’s central bank; reports have signaled the potential of both more direct measures and a tighter approach as the economy recovers. With the U.S.-China relationship falling apart at the seams, news of China’s stimulus boosted the Shanghai Composite index by 2.34% overnight.
U.S. benchmarks are pointing higher ahead of the bell. Yesterday, the S&P 500 index  traded to the highest level since setting its record on February 20 but closed below the low of Monday and Friday.
U.S. benchmarks are higher on the week and clinging to those gains with jobs in focus.