Fed funds

MODERN TRADER explores the effect of a potential trade war on U.S. equity markets. Will it end the bull run or will low interest rates allow U.S. equities to maintain its momentum? Read on. We also attempt to identify the key drivers of active equity hedge funds.

Federal Reserve's FOMC Statement

Dan Collins, Editor in Chief, Modern Trader Magazine discusses how a rate increase is essentially a done deal.
Dan Collins, Editor in Chief, Modern Trader magazine, discusses how the election results will not change the anticipated rate hike in December.
Dan Collins, Editor in Chief at Modern Trader magazine discusses good economic news and good jobs numbers: Are we in store for a tightening?

As we noted yesterday, market volatility was expected to pick up as we moved through the week as the top-tier data releases and traders at their desks gradually ramped up.

Despite some permabears’ fears, the sun did indeed rise this morning and the world most certainly didn’t end after the first interest rate hike from the Federal Reserve in nearly a decade.

The markets have for the most part already priced in a Federal Reserve rate hike which is expected next week.

Dan Collins, Editor in Chie of Modern Trader Magazine reviews the Fed fund futures and discusses how interest rates have varied.