As we noted in the recap to yesterday’s FOMC minutes (see 

Although it is expected and understood that the UK will be aiming to strengthen relationships around the world following the result of the EU Referendum, I am unsure how people will react to Theresa May strengthening a relationship with the United States that appears on track to isolate itself from globalization.

The U.S. dollar is trading down against the euro, pound and Japanese yen for the last few sessions while stocks were in a bearish pullback.

Earlier today, official data showed that the U.K. rate of consumer price inflation increased by 0.3% in Feb, missing analysts’ forecasts.
The rally continues and we are getting to the most important sequence of the entire year.
After massively disappointing traders’ high hopes back in December, “Super” Mario Draghi and company were not going to make the same mistake again.


Technical Developments: