Equity market

After being mostly absent in 2017, volatility has made a comeback. The S&P 500 Index closed down for the first three months of 2018—the first time it’s done so in 10 quarters.

Stocks extended their short-term consolidation on Friday, as investors continued to hesitate following Tuesday-Wednesday move down.

Investors were on edge ahead of Jerome Powell’s highly-anticipated Humphrey-Hawkins testimony to the House Financial Services Committee.
After a strong rally in U.S. equity and bond markets on Friday, the upward trajectory resumed on Monday. The S&P 500 gained 1.18% and the Dow added an impressive 400 points, ending the day 1.58% higher.
Stocks rallied on Friday, but they remained within their week-long consolidation. Which direction is next? Will bulls drive prices higher this week?
Fed failed to tighten rates in September but made a clear sign that tightening will likely occur in December. This announcement takes pressure off the market.
How to trade a short time spread in options.