Crude oil is expected to head slightly down in the short term.
The agency's calls for energy position limits could be on shaky ground.
A look at many of the dramas on the current business front -- the BP oil spill, the "flash crash" of May 6, and the financial troubles in Greece and the rest of Europe.
Analysts don’t expect crude oil to move much higher in June, despite the BP explosion.
Natural gas bulls got good news in December.
As a painful 2009 ends, energy producers and markets are looking for a demand recovery in 2010, but demand increases could be as modest as the overall recovery.
The Commodity Futures Trading Commission proposed position limits on four futures and options contracts in energy markets.
Crude oil rallied back near the June high above $70 due primarily to dollar weakness.
Legislation is expected to emerge in September providing a regulatory framework for a U.S. cap-and-trade scheme that promises to be the world’s largest. Trading opportunities, however, already exist in the U.S. and abroad.
Congressmen should stop blaming the economy's failure on oil speculators.