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The Tokyo Commodity Exchange announced today regulatory approval for electricity futures.
Even a bullish American Petroleum Institute (API) report initially did not show oil bulls any love until the rate-cutting craze swept the globe. Oil seems to be ignoring a dramatic tightening of the U.S. oil supply.
Brent crude took a larger hit than the WTI futures partly because of new North Sea production but also because of fears of a trade war and a “hard” Brexit will hurt European demand more than US demand. 
A trade war tit for tat is overshadowing bullish fundamentals for the oil market and even with the fact that Iran detained another oil tanker over the weekend.
President Donald Trump sent a bold message yesterday but it's not really clear who it was directed to. Oh sure, you might think it was China.
Oil futures fall in the aftermarket as traders reduced their month-end portfolios.
Oil prices got a boost on a report that Russia and Iran were planning war games in the Strait of Hormuz. A very strange game.
While commodity funds reduced long positions last week, it appears that some are already starting to regret it. Oil demand expectations are back on the rise as the Fed looks to cut rates while we will start to see global inventories fall.
Hedge funds increased bearish bets on Natural Gas futures by 37,238 contracts as of July 23, according to CFTC Commitment of Traders report on Friday.