Oil prices are shaking off the snowstorm related demand drop in oil products reported by the Energy Information Administration (EIA), and are now focusing on an accommodative Federal Reserve with an eye of another limit up day for Saudi Aramco.
Crude Oil stocks build when the expectations were for a draw. Crude oil prices had rallied during the last several days as OPEC and Russia agreed on deeper cuts in production.
Crazy, conflicting factors are moving oil prices. Oil Traders know that China’s already record oil demand growth will go even higher if those tariffs get delayed
Once again the death of Chinese oil demand has been greatly exaggerated. One must wonder how tight the global oil markets might get if there is indeed a U.S.-China trade deal because already Chinese oil demand is shattering records.
Oil prices soared on Friday after OPEC, led by Saudi Arabia, engineered a 503,000 barrel per day production cut, bringing the total cut to 2.1 million barrels.
OPEC cuts tweets start coming. Oil prices are waiting on confirmation but if reports are right, the cartel, along with its favorite non-OPEC member Russia, is close to agreeing to an additional 500,000 barrels per day (bpd) production cut
Well OPEC day is here, and the eagerly awaited announcement about their intention on production going forward will be the driving force of the day. Signals are coming from Vienna and the market appears to believe that Saudi Arabia can convince OPEC.
We emphasize to our traders that sometimes you’re able to receive breaking trading news from Twitter tweets and worldwide news networks before the trading squawk boxes and financial news television report the story.
Crude oil prices have rebounded as OPEC and Russia appear to be agreeing on deeper cuts in production Prices were future supported by the latest DOE report showing that crude oil stocks drew greater than expected. 
What selloff? Oil prices are coming back from the Black Friday massacre as, along with OPEC plus optimism, the American Petroleum Institute (API) gives the algorithms a reality check.