The happy mood could even support oil, which, though still in an uptrend, has been reluctant to breakout higher as Covid-19 demand destruction concerns continue to cause worry.
Oil prices are slipping as a new strain of Covid-19 overshadows a relief package that Congress finally passed, along with rising concerns that Russia is getting trigger-happy on increasing oil output.
The UK is putting in lockdown orders, which is overshadowing the good news we heard out of Washington regarding the avoidance of shutting down the government and a Covid-19 relief package.
The recent crude oil moves seemed to foreshadow what the Fed said yesterday about the U.S. economy and jobs market. The economic outlook and jobs are improving, leading to higher energy prices.
Oil prices are barely impacted by American Petroleum Institute (API) data and instead focusing on record-breaking Chinese refinery runs.
The increase was enhanced by a record amount of oil imports into the Gulf Coast and was probably impacted by the holiday and the booking of supply.
Oil rallied despite a negative American Petroleum Institute (API) report on more positive vaccine news in the U.S. and China and a $916 billion Covid-19 relief offer.
One might think that after 3 years of Brexit negotiations, it would fail to move markets, yet it still does.
Global oil markets are in flux as we all wait to see if OPEC and their favorite co-conspirator Russia can agree to a production deal and avoid another all-out price war.
The drama is putting the oil bull market in jeopardy, and if it weren’t for the fact that the UK approved the first Covid-19 vaccine in the Western world, the oil market might have been hit harder.