Oil prices are surging because the oil trade believes that the glovers are off after President Trump’s ordering of a U.S. air-strike that killed Qassim Soleimani and other Iranian military leaders, that were planning an attack on U.S. interests.
Democrats are dreaming of a green Christmas! Not green as money in your pocket, but green as far as battling what they believe is our biggest foe, climate change. 
Oil and stocks seem immune to one of the saddest days in our country. House Democrats decided to show disdain for our constitution and American voters and used impeachment as another political stunt.
Crude oil prices have been on a rally since the beginning of December as OPEC and Russia agreed on deeper cuts in production and the agreement of Phase One of the US-China trade deal.  The crude oil stocks draw added to the bullish price sentiment.
Yet despite this big increase in supply, the big picture for oil looks bright as demand expectations are rising. A slew of strong U.S. economic data should point us in the right direction.
Oil prices are cautiously higher as the market wants to see action and not just promises on the U.S.-China trade agreement.
The crude oil market is caught up in the phase one holiday mood, closing back above $60.00 a barrel for the first time since the drone attack on Saudi oil facilities. Progress on trade and assurance that we would not see new Chinese tariffs go in effect on China added to the lofty price levels.
Oil prices are shaking off the snowstorm related demand drop in oil products reported by the Energy Information Administration (EIA), and are now focusing on an accommodative Federal Reserve with an eye of another limit up day for Saudi Aramco.
Crude Oil stocks build when the expectations were for a draw. Crude oil prices had rallied during the last several days as OPEC and Russia agreed on deeper cuts in production.
Crazy, conflicting factors are moving oil prices. Oil Traders know that China’s already record oil demand growth will go even higher if those tariffs get delayed