Day by day worldwide investors are getting bearish about emerging economies and their financial markets. Major financial newspapers and magazines post news about international money outflows which are leaving the Emerging Markets.
CBOE entered into a licensing agreement with MSCI Inc., a leading decision support tools worldwide.
With commodities in general exhibiting continued weakness, watch for commodity ETFs to follow those products lower in the shortened trading week.
Commodity ETFs diverged to end the week with grain and gold ETFs beginning to show bullish overtones amid bearish sentiments within other hard assets.
Commodity ETFs, including grains, metals and energies, fell throughout last week's trading as bearish technical signals intensified.
A number of commodity ETFs moved lower last week as a number of technical indicators converged. That trend looks likely to continue this week.
Stagnant movement has plagued many of the markets, especially commodities, as investors remain hesitant to take any major positions before the presidential election.
A number of commodity ETFs fell last week as bears took control of the markets. ETFs ranging from grains to metals saw technical indicators remain bearish.
A number of commodity ETFs following metals and grains may see a downside correction this week before finding support within trading ranges.
A number of commodity ETFs ran into resistance at the end of last week. For some, it may be a longer-term top forming, but for others it just may be a buying opportunity before moving higher.