Futures Magazine receives many reader questions on the state of the hedge fund market. We selected a few hedge fund questions.
The distinction is obvious from a macro perspective because futures markets exist as a type of insurance, the opposite of gambling.
Trading breakouts can be treacherous, but if you follow a few important rules, you can be successful over the long term. The keys, though, may not be what you expect.
Viewed from the outside, professional investment management sometimes looks like a space reserved for the best and brightest, and one that is cluttered with financial jargon, keeping the layman out.
Book review of "The Law of Vibration: The Revelation of William D. Gann" by Tony Plummer
Book review of "Trading Systems and Methods" by Perry J. Kaufman
Even if you do everything right in your first few trades and make money, you still have to pay the bills. Just like every business, trading has costs. Here are some to be aware of before you make your first trade.
Covered call writing can provide steady returns and, more importantly, define your risk and reward, allowing you to maintain opportunity.
The shale gas revolution in the United States has led to a collapse in prices but is too big to keep to ourselves. That is turning natural gas from a domestic market to a global one, and the global demand may cure the current low prices.
Not all volume is created equal. The on-balance volume indicator recognizes this by measuring buying and selling strength separately.