A client posed the question a few years ago during one of the many rolling sovereign credit crises then roiling the Eurozone as to when the whole thing would fall apart.

The difference between yields on U.S. five-year notes and 30-year bonds narrowed to least in almost six years as below-target inflation makes longer-term securities relatively more attractive.
Fed Chairman Yellen further hedged just about any outcome for the U.S. economy, which she said still needs time to complete its recovery.
The meat of the auction cycle starts today with $21 billion of 10-year Treasuries.
Weighing on stock prices is the thought process claiming the Federal Reserve must hasten its timetable for reining in ultra-loose monetary policy.
Hedge funds have pared bank on their net-short Eurodollar position over the last two weeks.
The Treasury 5-30 yield spread is as wide as it has been in a month.
Many fixed income contracts struggled to recover even half of the decline from last Thursday in the third session since.
There are a lot of reasons to like the long end of the U.S. Treasury curve, but...