A Coinbase IPO could be an eye opener for investors unfamiliar with strength of some crypto businesses.
Dogecoin (DOGE), an obscure cryptocurrency with a unique culture and community, has seen a rally of about 85% since the beginning of July. It is now the 26th largest crypto by market cap.
Stablecoin issues will need to comply with the FATF's AML guidelines. There are several reasons why these are particularly difficult to execute.
The overall consensus is to be bullish on crypto. Is Bitcoin at 20,000 by the end of the year too far fetched? Some analysts don't think so at all.
Over the last few days, BTG saw an aggressive rally.
Wirecard’s alleged fraud and insolvency has had some unexpected knock-on effects to crypto.
Ohio Senator Warren Davidson's tweet provides a preview of future U.S. political debates around crypto.
Several news sources reported that Paypal/Venmo would be releasing integrations for purchases and sales of crypto within months
This week, Binance announced another regional licensed exchange, Binance.UK. The move further underscores a trend to such structures and speaks to further fragmentation in crypto liquidity.
The percentage of BTC unmoved for over a year has reached near all-time highs at 60.75% of the current supply.