Crypto is up sharply over the last 24-hours as the positive PayPal announcement continues to be priced in. Spot volumes have spiked and are over 2x the 30-day average.
While CFTC Chairman Heath Tarbert's interest in crypto was seen as an outright positive initially, it seems now there will be clear winners and losers among space incumbents with his perspective.
OKEx, one of the world's leading crypto exchanges, announced a few days ago that it had suspended crypto withdrawals on the platform. OKEx blames the situation on an unreachable employee, owner of a private key, who is cooperating with authorities in an unrelated matter.
The U.S. Department Of Justice (DoJ) recently published an 83-page report on crypto, identifying the space as an “emerging threat” and “enforcement challenge.
The rise of WBTC underscores just how drastic the growth of DeFi protocols has been. Emerging out of nowhere, WBTC was a completely forgotten platform and has now seen asset gathering that rivals some of the best months at the World's largest USD stablecoin Tether.
In what could be an official obituary, the G7 regulators have opposed Facebook's controversial Libra project. This may be the last time we write about this major strategic blunder by one of the world's top technology firms.
With BTC settling into a range between USD 10,000 and 11,000, we wanted to revisit key metrics from the network for further context.
Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin recently published a post on a popular Ethereum forum, expressing a vision for the protocol as the network approaches its transition to PoS.
More than 2 years ago, we first speculated that there was no tangible interest in BTC as a currency, especially in a market with much superior alternative currencies.
Anecdotal discussions with clients seem to point to mixed expectations in BTC price in the coming months. While the directional call is difficult, implied volatility looks historically cheap