Ultimately, the success of El Salvador’s BTC adoption is a milestone moment for BTC and a story where successes and failures will be judged over the long term.
Attorneys working for the SEC are “seeking information about how investors use Uniswap and how it is marketed.” In an interview with the newspaper in August, SEC Chairman Gensler said DeFi projects aren’t immune to regulation.
The BTC hash rate has shown signs of sustained recovery following China’s crackdown while SegWit usage is at an all-time high. Today, we review select BTC blockchain metrics.
Smart contract assets in the Top 10 have added an aggregate USD 172 billion to their market caps over the past month while BTC dominance is at 42%, its lowest point since early June. We review key market stats.
Tether and Bitfinex have requested to block a Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) request from CoinDesk to have the New York Attorney General release “documents attesting to [USDt’s] reserve composition.”
Solana (SOL) reached an all-time high market cap of USD 36.2 billion this morning. The network’s approach to blockchain scaling is unique among peers, but is unproven in practice.
On Friday, Ethereum suffered a chain split due to a bug in the Geth (Go Ethereum) Client software seemingly being exploited by an unknown actor. ETH saw new intraday highs following the critical event.
NFT marketplace OpenSea recorded all-time high daily users, volume, and transactions on Tuesday. We highlight notable transactions that have taken place since the resurgence of NFTs this summer.
Last week, Coinbase announced it will expand operations into Japan and is partnering with Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group for the effort. We look into the state of crypto in Japan and the competitive landscape.
The Victoria, Canada-based firm is now valued at USD 3.2 billion. We provide an overview of the firm's business lines and ambitions for the future.