With BTC settling into a range between USD 10,000 and 11,000, we wanted to revisit key metrics from the network for further context.
This week,  BFX announced they would be adding perpetual swaps based on European equity indexes amid their growing suite of derivative products. We have been asked several times for our insights and will reiterate them here.
This weekend KuCoin Exchange, one of Asia's largest, reported what appears to be a USD 150 million equivalent hack in BTC and several other digital assets.
EOS, TRON, And XLM tokens were once all high flyers. The fact underscores much of the sentiment-based investing in alt-coins.
Over the past couple of weeks,  a slew of reports and suggested crypto regulation have come out of the EU. In mid-September, EU finance ministers met in Berlin where crypto was a topic of discussion.
Tether is having another great month of asset gathering. The company operates one of the most profitable and impressive businesses in crypto.
This past weekend saw precipitous price declines among DeFi tokens in what had otherwise been a consistent month-long bull-run in the subsector. It gave a preview on how ugly things could get.
Tether had its largest market cap growth ever in August. At a cap of USD 13 billion, it is over 10x larger than the world's second largest stablecoin USD Coin.
The Polkadot network’s native token, DOT Network, has risen to 5th place by market cap. DOT’s USD 5.5 billion market cap is another example where crypto participants have invested in a very early stage of a long technical roadmap.
Today, Fed Chairman Jerome Powell gives prepared remarks at 'Jackson Hole.’ The speech could have a profound impact on one of the significant Crypto/Bitcoin theses.